Great Salt Bay Preserve

Great Salt Bay Preserve

So we should probably talk about Great Salt Bay Preserve.

This trail is mystical, full of enchanted feels, and there is a ton of wonder and discovery! I actually ended up going two days in a row because I wanted to gather some materials to do some crafting and explore more
of the magic.

⭐️Before I go any further you should know this⭐️

If you don’t like walking along the side of a busy, fast main road, you should probably check the tides and hike accordingly!

Anyway, back on trail... there are such cool, distinct sections of this easy path that seem to transport you to another space and time.

There are lots of planks to balance on, boardwalks, a bridge, and even a tunnel that goes under the road! I wouldn’t call this a hike, more of an adventure through the woods. Definitely wear boots of some kind, there
are squishy parts.

Follow the orange arrows as you walk the edge of Salt Bay... it’s hard not to take your time looking around and getting off track with the easy access to water views.

Continue along and you’ll get to a really enchanted feeling section where there are lots of trees that are all twisted and growing together. There is action being taken to remove the invasive species causing this,
but it’s incredible to check out the giant twisted trees in this section. I spent hours exploring this part and even took the time to swing from a natural vine!

As you move along it’s almost as though the forest engulfs you and there is a stillness that is notable. You can check out a point with a small bench for a drink or snack break, or continue along to another super
cool section where there are trees covered in moss that look super soft to the touch! If you look closely, you’ll see a little gnome ornament hanging from one of the branches!

Next you’ll be walking the edge, right along the bay. Depending on the tide you may be able to get down to the “beach” and collect some treasures.

Before you know it, you’ll arrive at the culvert where you cross under the road to the second part of your journey!

In some parts you really have to look for the orange arrows so you stay on the right trail. I ended up going toward an open field where there was a perfect bench to sit on, incredible view of the Damariscotta River.
I highly recommend taking a few moments to grab a drink or snack and admire the beauty of the breathtaking scenery.

I traveled onward along the edge of the field until I noticed an obvious way to get back into the woods. It wasn’t long before I found myself following an incredible rock wall and into a grove of red berries. It
felt so magical!

I wandered on only to find that I seemed to reach a dead end! I used the same path to return and enjoyed it equally, if not more, on the way back!

Friends, I highly recommend you check this place out!

Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area

Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area

From Maine With Love

Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area is a super easy, short meander through the woods to a small pond.

The trail is mostly wide and flat, simple enough for a toddler to come along with you for a quick loop around. It's easy to navigate and there are signs.

There is a small parking lot and it's easy to locate.

I recommend @thenorthendcafe for a bite to eat and a road bevvie to enjoy tailgate style before your walk!

Great way to kill a couple hours in the afternoon. ⁣

Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020

Dear 2020,

You sure have thrown a lot of curve balls.

You sure have tested the patience of mankind.

But you know what, 2020?

You had a lot to teach us all.

You taught us resilience, strength, community, love, support, and you forced us to do some inward reflection.

From my humble perspective, you taught me the importance of placing trust in the universe. You showed me how beautiful the simple things really are... and how gratitude can shift my viewpoint.

2020, you weren't easy by any means, but you've given me hope for a new beginning. You've provided me with the very basic tools I need to move forward with strong beliefs and acute attention to my core values. You've helped me to remember what is meaningful and purposeful to me in life.

Friends... maybe you reflect on life, maybe you don't. But at some point I would encourage you to take inventory on yourself...

Your health, your happiness, your ability to find joy in the mundane. Because that, my friends, is the absolute key to living a very full and abundant life.

Peace, Love, & Light,

Angela Joy

I see you, mama.

I see you, mama.

I see you, mama.

Your house is a disaster, you can't seem to keep up.

Your kids are constantly hungry or need your attention.

You have actual work duties you must complete.

You haven't showered in like, 3 days.

Your dog needs to go out.

You need to plan meals and make a grocery list.

Your dining table is covered with crap.

You need to be quiet while your husband is on a Zoom call.

Your dog needs to come in.

You're late to your Zoom call, maybe even forgot it altogether.

You need to make sure your child does at least one productive thing.

Your dog needs to go out AGAIN.

Your Mom is calling.

The world is falling apart.
Should you wear a mask?
Should you join the protest?
What in the actual eff should you be doing?

All you want to do is have peace.
All you want to do is show love.
All you want is to hold on to your happiness.



You are enough.

Don't let your joy slip away. Don't let the external circumstances drag you down. You are strong, and you are worthy. Your efforts matter and you are the only one judging yourself. Be kind to yourself. Show yourself the same love and grace that you want to show others. The same love and grace that this world needs.

Take care of yourself.


Humbled By Your Strength

Humbled By Your Strength

As I sit here slowly shrinking 
Wondering if you even know my name
I watch your story unfolding and
I’m humbled by your strength

Along the broken road was I 
The light that led the way
Or were you brighter all along
I’m humbled by your strength

You’ve overcome adversity and
Continue despite the pain
You’re worthy of the best in life
I’m humbled by your strength

If only I could speak the words
It’s driving me insane
Lumps stay in my throat but know
I’m humbled by your strength

I want to show I’m confident
But don’t want to seem vain
Why can’t I just be more like you
I’m humbled by your strength 

We live and love by moonlight
See the wax and the feel the wane
We’re more alike than anything
I’m humbled by your strength 

Our paths crossed for a reason 
And I’ll never be the same 
Lying here awake at night 
Humbled by your strength